Here are examples of some of the projects that I am working on.

Otaku CMS

OtakuCMS Logo

This is a content management system for producing websites. I have worked on this project for several years and now it is at version 5.

I try to code the PHP backend to the best of my ability using best practices and creating well designed code modules. And the front end dashboard using responsive Javascript currently based on the Angular framework. OtakuCMS

The documentation for this CMS is badly out of date unfortunately. The code has evolved a lot and is super uber good now in my opinion but the documentation is severely lacking. Also I dream of re-writing the Front-end code using VueJS rather than Angular since I think that the result would be more modular and easier to enhance and debug. But there are only so many life minutes available to do this kind of thing :) And I am such of a control freak that I am not yet able to put it up on GitHub for collaborative inputs.

Backend Coder

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Backend Coder is a blog about coding (programming) and server-side topics.


I am re-building some of my websites where the content has become outdated such as:

Weight Loss Ninja Logo

Also, I have a few new website projects that are under construction:

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Bar Logo

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Toolboxyz Logo